About Me

My Programming Background

My name is Thomas Porter. I am a web developer, working mainly with PHP, MySQL, JavaScript & CSS. I was first introduced to programming at the age of 12, when an older cousin bought me a book on Basic and my path was set. I didn't write anything useful at that age, but I sure did learn a lot.

It was around 1995 when I started web programming, back when it was all HTML and Image Maps! CSS wouldn't be a reliable form of styling for several more years, and Image Rollovers were all the new rage. Within no time I found Perl, which suited my needs for several years, and along the way I picked up MySQL. I actually installed the first MySQL server I ever used, and to this day, continue to install & maintain several MySQL servers.

It couldn't have been 3 years before PHP 3 came out, and after installing it on a server and running through the PHP introduction, I switched. It was literally an over-night thing. My bosses came in the next day and I told them we were a PHP shop now. Everything new was developed in PHP, most of what was being worked on was started over and done in PHP, and much of what was maintained in the future was convered to PHP. Poor Perl... I still use it from time to time, but haven't used it for a web page since then!

Now I'm an expert PHP & MySQL developer, but I also love Node.JS and use it regularly. I'm experienced with CoffeeScript, Sass, Pug, Backbone.js, Node.js, Bootstrap, Google MDL, AngularJS and much more.