Programming Skills


I am an expert PHP programmer (since 1999,) with an in-depth knowledge of all of the fundamental PHP syntax, functions, classes & concepts. I am experienced with all aspects of PHP, from installation & configuration to programming. I have written PHP modules in C, many of which are still in use on client's servers to this day. I am a big fan of PHP5's OOP structure, and love writting well-formed & documented classes.

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Node has rapidly grown to be my favorite place to program. From writting my own modules to add to NPM to building websites (like this one) via Node, I just love it.

I'm very familiar with many of Nodes most popular packages, including Express, HAPI, Browserify, Gulp, Grunt, Bower, Webpack and many, many more.

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I have been working with databases since about 1995, including Oracle, Access and others, but every since I started working with MySQL back in 2001 I haven't used much else. I did work with Oracle again a bit at Neopets, but I wa a strong advocate for switching to MySQL there, which we eventually did.

Most of the MySQL servers I have interacted with I've installed myself, this includes compilling & installing from source, and from pre-built packages. I have experience with replication configuration & maintenance and maintain such a setup between my server online and a server at home.

I am well schooled in the art of database design, capable of building large-scale databases for complex applications that meet both buisness-requirement needs and those of proper database design. I am also well versed in database migration, be it from one system to another, or just changes within an existing system.

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I first learned HTML back in 1995. There wasn't much to it back then, and in all honesty, until HTML5 came along, not much changed. But HTML5 brought about wonderful new markup tags like <heading>, <section> and <article> among others. These new markup tags give us a better semantic understanding of a document (good for computers, and humans viewing source!) They also give us new "hooks" to use in our CSS documents, something I am quite fond of.

HTML5 brings with it a slew of new form input fields that have changed the way we gather data on the web.

HTML Pre-processors

I'm a big fan of using shortcuts, and HTML pre-processors are great for just such a purpose. I'm well versed in many of these, including Markdown, Pug, Eco among others. Some of these offer great templing tools as well, alowing me to build dynamic websites with ease.

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I can't recal when I actually wrote my first line of JavaScript, it was probably back in the mid 1990's, somewhere between 1995 and 1997 I would say. And like many other's, my first was the good old image roll-over, accompanied by a pre-loader of course (I mean, if you're gonna do it you gotta do it right, right?)

Today I consider myself an expert JavaScript programmer. I have a full understanding of the core functionality of JavaScript and all of it's nuances. I am experienced with any of the popular JavaScript libraries.

JavaScript Libraries


ReactJS is Facebook's JavaScript library, and probably my all around favorite. It is a great tool for building SPAs or just adding a little bit of spice to a farily static site.


Google's AngularJS is another one of my favorite JavaScript libraries. I have built many apps using Angular and have even written some of my own open-source compoents that have seen their fair share of downloads.


I am very familiar with jQuery and have been using it for years. I don't use it on every project, but I do use it on many.


Backbone.js is awesome. Giving us real MVC functionallity in JavaScript, with amazing results.

JavaScript Pre-processors


CoffeeScript was the first JavaScript pre-processor I used and it remains my favorite.


While I do love CoffeeScript, I've recently made the switch to using Babel so I can write ES2015 and beyond. The next generations of JavaScript are powerful, and being able to use them now is just awesome.

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I began using CSS in 1997. Of course back then, support for it was very limited. It wasn't until about 1999 that CSS support was better.

CSS Pre-processors


SASS was the first CSS pre-processor I used. I love it's elegance and how powerful it is.


I learned LESS out of necessity more than anything else. I was quite happy with SASS, but in order to contribute to and understand other projects I simply had to learn LESS.


Stylus is now my go-to CSS pre-processor.

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