17 Years Experience

I first learned HTML back in 1995. There wasn't much to it back then, and in all honesty, until HTML5 came along, not much changed.

A New Era in Layout

HTML5 brings with it several new tags to markup with:

  1. Heading
  2. Section
  3. Article
  4. Aside
  5. Footer

These new tags give us a better semantic understanding of a document (good for computers, and humans viewing source!)  They also give us new "hooks" to use in our CSS documents, something I am quite fond of.

Forms Redux

HTML5 brings with it a slew of new form input fields that will change the way we gather data on the web.  Soon, the days of JavaScript powered user interface controls will be gone (or used far less often at least.)  I only hope we will see full support for all of these new elements SOON!