16 Years Experience

I've been working with database a lot longer than that, including Oracle, Access and at times, plain old text files (grep is a powerful tool!)  But every since I first installed MySQL about 16 years ago, I haven't used much else (Oracle a bit at Neopets, but I was a strong advocate for switching to MySQL there, which we did.)

Installation & Configration

Most of the MySQL servers I have interacted with I've installed myself, this includes compilling & installing from source, and from pre-built packages.  I have experience with replication configuration & maintenance and maintain such a setup between my server online, and a server at home.

Database Design & Maintenance

I am well schooled in the art of database design, capable of building large-scale databases for complex applications that meet both buisness-requirement needs and those of proper database design.  I am also well versed in database migration, be it from one system to another, or just changes within an existing system.