Node.JS - 2 Years Experience and Lovin' It!

When I stopped programming for a while, Node.JS wasn't even out. I came back and it had grown into quite the bad-a$$! I've since written countless apps using Node.JS and many of the popular frameworks based on it, including express, Meteor and Sails. Most of these apps have just been to learn, or for my own personal use at home. I am working on one (when I can) that aims to be a Netflix-like interface for your personal videos.

Most recently I used Node.JS for the Olive Fruit Fly Monitoring project at the #hack4good 0.5 Hackathon through Geeklist. I programmed the API using express, with love from mongoose to talk to the MongoDB we setup @ MongoLab. This included some custom middle-ware to handle authentication & user privileges. I then wrote a front-end app to use the API in AngularJS, while another developer did some work on an Android app, again, using the same API. We banged all this out in 2 days, and if it weren't for Node, I honestly don't know if it would have been possible. I love PHP, and am a veteran with it, but Node + Express = Pure Joy!

I also have a blog article on scraping data from the web using Node & jsdom that includes some demo code in a git repository.